“As an event to stimulate the kind of relationship development that might result in innovative collaborations, the IFPMA Assembly was an outstanding success. The formal program was extremely interesting and valuable - as were the opportunities to meet and talk to people with whom we have an obvious interest in some of the same outcomes.”
Patient Group
“The range of speakers was great and the organization excellent.”
IFPMA Member Company
“Congratulations for the Assembly, perfect organization, excellent panels, winning formula that featured speeches, panel interactive discussions and video interviews.”
IFPMA Member Association
“The IFPMA event was excellent; I enjoyed the range and depth of panelists' expertise, the moderator's interviewing skill (including the icebreaking jokes!) and the valuable contacts I made.”
Panellist and health expert
“What was very interesting for us is to see that innovation cannot be led by one group but has to be a collective effort.”
Health professional Association
“To me the Assembly has showed that there is far more collaboration and more willingness to put competitive urges aside to work together on achieving an end goal which is better global healthcare.”
“What I have learned is the various ways of fostering innovation in the world.”
IFPMA Member Association
“Excellent networking opportunity and good food for thought.”
Intergovernmental Institution
“High level speakers and moderator. very well prepared and organized.”
Non-Governmental Organization

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7 organizations guided us through the way they are innovating today, and gave us the chance to concretely see and experience innovation in action. Absolutely diverse in nature, structure and mission, these organizations all share one common characteristic: they are innovators and work to improve health around the world.


Assembly Highlights, by Mike Ward, Scrip Intelligence.

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Mr. Innovation takes you on a quick, under-3-minute journey to discover his beginnings, his major achievements in health and other fields, and major challenges ahead. How has innovation made strides in global health? Can innovation win the fight against life-threatening diseases? Watch and find out.